Decided To Shave Your Head? Do It The Right Way!


Shaving off all your hair may sound a big deal to many. But it has now become a growing trend everywhere. Men go-ahead to get bald for many reasons, either fashion and style or probably to hide away rigorous hair fall naturally or due to some medical condition. Whatever may be the reason, going through this transition is not that easy as it looks. Step by step procedure needs to be followed. There are special shavers designed for the head. bald eagle shaver is one of the bestselling rotary based shavers. You can review and compare various other options available in the market on

First of all, one has to make sure that the hair is of a workable length, probably stubble size to start with. This is important because longer hair may hinder the functioning of the shaver. Electric clippers should be used for trimming hair. They come with dual blades for multi-directional cutting and 180-degree rotating head which reaches even to the difficult areas. By systematically and methodically using the clipper may give you best results.

Next is to choose the shaving device. Whether to use traditional cartridge razor or dual edge safety razor. New age electric shavers also offer a special range of head shavers which are fast and comfortable.

Cartridge-Based Shavers
It is advisable to do wet shaving with shaving gels which provides a protective layer while using cartridge shavers. It is better to apply pre-shave oil to avoid any irritation or cut post the shave. One should be ready for two or three extra blades and flexible head, since you may need a second pass after the first one to get the desired smoothness. Hence this process is little lengthy and cumbersome. They are comparatively less flexible to move along the curves of the skull; you may miss certain difficult points. Although cheapest and a portable option in case you are always on the move, but there are much better products on the market available presently.

Double edged shavers
These types of shavers are truly for the experts. One needs to maintain 30-degree angle while shaving. If it is less or more, it may result in bleeding skin and razor burns or unsatisfactory shave. Although they are the cheapest option, it has to be used with a lot of caution to get the desired result and that too with minimal cuts, irritation, and pain.

Electric shavers
Electric shavers are by far the best option for shaving your head. Since shaving your head, it’s difficult to see where is your hand moving. Also, it is difficult to reach up to those awkward places on the back side, electric shavers with their flexible blades can efficiently remove all the hair and that too very fast. An ideal shaver should have good power capacity, multiple cutting head adjustments and safer for the skin. Like face shavers, they come in two variants- foil and rotary. Although expensive, definitely a smart choice.
It is advisable to use after shave lotions and balms to keep your head hydrated post the shave. Unless you are not very conscious about the look, one should not shave your head on a regular basis. Excess movement of the razor on the tender skin may cause skin irritation and allergies. Also, a freshly shaved head is more prone to sunburns, wrinkling or skin cancer. Therefore, one should without fail to apply sunscreen lotion or wear a cap while going in extreme heat.

A well maintained bald look indicates the toughness and smart and authoritative personality. Hence its worth trying if you are of an experimental nature.

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