All About The Types Of BBQ Grills

grilltypesGrilling is a very traditional cooking method of meat that gives a unique flavor to it. Starting from the charcoal grill to the new grill, you have to research on the present grills before deciding to buy one to make your grilling experience enjoyable. Weber Genesis E-330, Broil King Sovereign 90, Napolean LEX 485 gas grill are the best gas grills under $1,000, 2017 edition. According to the survey at, the dish called the Leg of Lamb, was the most awaited dish of the year for Easter. So why waste time? Discover all the details and get to know about the various grills and start cooking.

A gas grill is the most popular backyard grill type which is suitable for cooks who don’t want to spend more time on cooking. Cooking with these grills is very easy, time-consuming and easy to clean as well. Gas grill uses liquid propane or natural gas. Though it seems to be expensive, the cooking experience and the accessories that come along with the grill make it worth the money. They come in the price range of $250 to $2000. Charcoal grills are the traditional grill types which give that distinct smoky and charcoal flavor to the meat. Though it is time-consuming to cook with a charcoal grill, the best way to sear the meat and lock all the juices can be achieved by cooking in a charcoal grill. The usual price range is from $100 to $1000.

Electric grills avoid all the hustles both gas and charcoal grills creates and comes around $100 to $500. You can easily power this on the electrical circuit and use it with ease. Places like apartments and condos in which charcoal and gas grills are not allowed to use, you can still get the taste of grilling by using the electric grill. You can get the smoky flavor by smoking the meat in smokers that can be bought separately and grill it for a minute to get that heavenly smoky flavor. Portable grills can be easily transported, and they work on propane or charcoal. This is the best-suited grill for outdoor activities and can easily be tailgated. These racks range from $30 to around $200.

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