Natural Remedies To Treat Ringworm

Natural Remedies To Treat Ringworm

Ringworm is a common fungal infection and is not dangerous unless it is on the scalp. Dermatophytosis is the medical term for Ringworm and Tinea is the fungus. It is contagious and has to be treated quickly to avoid further complications. Check out for knowing about different kinds of treatment for this infection. Please go through the link for a full plethora of information on Ringworm diseases, its symptoms and medication.

Types of Ringworms
· Tinea faciei- Red, scaly patches on the face
· Tinea corporis- Flat, round, scaly patches on the skin
· Tinea cruris- Itchy, reddish, painful rash in the groin area
· Tinea unguium- The nails become thick, yellow and crumbly
· Tinea pedis- Scales between the toes, heels,and soles
· Tinea manus- Rashes on the palms
· Tinea capitis- Lumps in a circular pattern on the head

Natural Remedies

Olive oil:
1) Olive leaf is the best to treat ringworm
2) Olive oil is the best massage oil
3) Olive leaf has antifungal properties
4) Consumption of Olive leaf will boost the immune system of the body

1) The mixture of myrrh and goldenseal has excellent antifungal properties
2) This mixture along with water when applied to the rash thrice a day provides exceptional relief against the infection

Lemongrass tea:
1) Lemongrass tea if taken a day thrice reduces itchiness and infection to a great extent
2) The teas bags can be rubbed on the areas of infection after use. This will give a soothing effect

Colloidal Silver:
1) The silver in colloidal form is entirely natural and acts as an antibiotic
2) It destroys microorganisms at a large scale
3) It can be used in the liquid or gel form
4) If used on a regular basis, the infection can be brought under control at a quick pace

Aloe Vera:
1) Many skin problems can be treated by using Aloe Vera,and this is used as a hair mask as well
2) The gel can be applied on the rashes directly and should be left overnight for best results

Salt and vinegar:
1) A paste of salt mixed with vinegar when applied on the skin for five minutes will help in curing the infection in seven days

1) Turmeric is the holy powder in Indian kitchen that has antibiotic properties
2) It can treat bacterial and fungal infections with ease

Mustard seeds:
1) The seeds should be soaked in water for thirty minutes and should be ground into a paste
2) This paste, when applied, reduces itchiness and irritation

Lavender and Jojoba oils:
1) Lavender oil has the best antifungal properties and kills the fungi all together and prevents future breakouts
2) A mixture of lavender and jojoba oils is also beneficial

Coconut oil reduces the itchiness and is a wonderful medicine available at home.
Apple cider vinegar reduces the infection entirely as it has antifungal properties.
Ajoene, a compound of garlic has the properties to treat ringworm. The cloves of garlic applied in the paste form give the best results.
Tea tree oil treats pimples, acne, and ringworm of the feet. Warm tea tree oil can cure cuts, burns, and wounds too. All these natural remedies work wonders for ringworm treatments. You could also check out the Ringworm Treatment Blog on Pinterest and get some useful information.

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